• Price : 7,000.00 €
  • Type: Commercial
  • Area: 972.2m2
  • Ranka Šipke 1C, Banja Luka
  • 0 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
For Rent

Banja Luka Business space

This  modern and unique business space is set in a Ranka Sipke street and located in very heart of Banja Luka, close to the Hotel Jelena and Emporium Shopping center. The space is constructed in a modern way and composed  of a two bright Floors.On a first floor we have 462,66 m2 of open space and 2 bathrooms , and on a second floor we have 509,54 m2 of open space and two bathroomsEnriched by the  view to the Ranka Šipke street. This Space is within very heart of Banja Luka and  has 972,2 m2 of usable space on both floors.  Space is ideal for Supermarket or other types of stores.

Note: VAT 17% is included in the price.

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