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Buying & Selling process

Buying & selling process

Have you ever sold or bought a property before?

Whatever your answer is to this question we are sure that you are aware of that there is an exact procedure, which seller and buyer has to go trough in order to accomplish a successful transaction.


The difference with our procedure compared to others is that each step is thoroughly planned in advance and done by professional agents. Our goal is to make real estate transaction safe and efficient.


We arrive at the address, view the property, note a list of information about the property, measure the property and shoot professional 3d photos and drone video.

Excellent visualization of the properties help realization of sales. We at „MM Real Estate“ pay special attention to the visualization of the property. Our agents will inform you about our working principles and processes important to achieve a successful sale. In order to achieve a successful sale it is crucial that you follow the agents instructions.

We will check the ownership details at the land office and do the market value appraisal

We continuously do market research in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is a prerequisite in order to be able to perform the accurate market value appraisal.

Signing the owner representation agreement for real estate sale

The rights and obligations for the agency and the seller as well as detailed instructions for the seller are stated in the contract.

Our agents or if needed our architects will give you advices on how to organize or improve property's interior

Small improvements can attract more clients and increase the sales price.

We advertise your property on the internet and send emails to potential buyers from our extensive client database

MM Real Estate have the large database of domestic and foreign potential buyers which is updated constantly. Beside Bosnia-Herzegovina we also have affiliates abroad which can service our clients.

Advertising of real estates in local area by Social media marketing

From our experience buyers come often from the neighborhood and internet is a very useful tool to get to them.

We profile our business in most printed and visual media

Our managers are often present and cited in the media due to their experience and expertise in real estate.

Viewing of the real estate for potential buyers

Viewing of every property is organized promptly after shown interest from the potential buyer. It is crucial that seller follows the instructions from the agents for how to prepare the property for viewing.

Negotiation with potential buyers

In this step the professional skills that our agents have are important in order to have as successful sale as possible. The agent's role is to mediate between two sides with opposite interests buyer and seller have. From our experience in 90% of the cases where there is no mediator between the seller and buyer there will be no sale.


It is hard to tell on which step of the process the buyer will come with an acceptable offer. One thing is for sure that both buyer and seller will be completely satisfied with the service and effort we make in order to organize a successful property transaction.

After sale

Real Estate Agency „MM Real Estate“ never forget they clients. All our clients are more than welcome to visit our agency for free advices whenever needed including interior design,renovation or any other topic needed.