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For Buyers

For buyer

Selling and buying of houses or apartments is, for most of us, one of the largest transactions in a lifetime.

Using MM as your agent, you can be sure that the entire process will be managed according to the rules prescribed by laws and as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. Herewith, we will introduce several key pieces of advice for buyers in order to make sure that the entire buying process will be completely flawless.

The first advice concerns the safe choice of your real estate agent. Currently, we have several different kinds of agents in Bosnia and Herzegovina: individuals, legal entities (agencies) and lawyers.

  • Using individuals as agents is illegal and it does not provide any safety to the buyers, because individual agents do not take any responsibility for a buyer being deceived.

  • Legal entities (agencies). How to choose a highly professional agency? The competence of agency employees, agency size (the number of branches, the number of employees), the quality of property presentations, the number of real estate offers, references etc. are just some of the important factors for choosing the right agency.

To make sure that the agent has a legal right to offer real estate, you have every right to request to see the contract between the agency and the owner before you start the cooperation with the agency. When taking over a property, a professional real estate agency will appraise the property according to its market value in order not to offer the property at unrealistic prices, and check the ownership of the property to make sure that the buyer receives a property which is safe to buy.

Second advice - related to the direct purchase from the owner.

The disadvantages of direct purchase are:

  • The initial price is not the market price, but the owner´s price

  • You are in position to negotiate with the owner who is very often emotionally attached to the property (and therefore raises the price to unrealistic levels)

  • The entire process is long, uncertain and often unpleasant

  • You lose all the advantages offered by professional agencies such as the initial price which is based on market assessment of property, ownership documentation checked, website visits to properties before actual seeing, organization and control of the transaction as well as the financing, insurance and after sales assistance.

The third advise is directly related to BiH citizens abroad - to those who do not possess Bosnian ID cards or passports. In such cases, it is necessary to turn to the registry office in the municipality where you were born in order to receive a birth and a citizenship certificate. After that, the submission of the request to CIPS which is necessary for the issuing of identity cards is what follows. This is done in the municipality you were born within or in the municipality where you want to buy a property. After you submit the request for your ID card (which can take up to 20 days) you receive a temporary document in A4 format with the photo and all necessary data; obtaining this A4 format document should not take more than a couple of days.

When you register in our customer base through our website through special demands or our unique Viber platform, you will always be among the first to learn about all the new properties of your interest. Register your interest. More information regarding the process of buying and selling can be found in the section: The process of buying and selling.